Magical Unicorn Oracle Reading – Share

Hello Fortunica Family!

Welcome to the last and final week of this year. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! As this year approaches closure, the Magical Unicorns have a beautiful message for us.


When you share, everyone feels happy.

This is such an apt message for this week as it is a Season of Giving and Receiving. This card brings the message that you need to share the joy and allow others to share their joy with you. So open up to giving and receiving this week! Allow your heart to open up and absorb the beautiful giving and receiving energy of this season. You will notice your mood and vibration being elevated. You will be able to feel your energy expanding, your vibrations rising and joy flowing through you. This week try to share what you have. Remember that due to the world pandemic a lot of people and families may not be able to celebrate, so open up your heart to share your bounty with them. It does not have to be much, even a simple invite to share meals would bring a smile to someone and some joy during this season. This week you can even share your clothes that you may not be using or fitting into, by donating them to a shelter. If you have left over meals, share them with those less privileged. Feed and give shelter to animals without homes. If you can volunteer your time, try and help where you can. There is immense joy in giving, because when you give with an open heart, what you receive is so much more. Share your experiences with us! Blessed Be!

Wish you a Week of Giving and Receiving!