Affirmations of Choice

It takes one moment for me to remember that we are not as disposable as we have once felt.

It takes one moment to separate from those around us. Their stories are their own, and if their black and white projections surface, it takes only one moment to separate ourselves from their past.

All that casts a shadow across our hearts, that only we so freely chose to give to them to dispose of, is only our choice to give.

No longer can we allow it to block our future.

Some affirmations for us:

My choices are my lessons and lessons are my experiences.
My choices are not made for judgement.
My choices are not a space for opinion.
My choices are not opportunities for freedom of speech.

There is often this disposal of themselves that happens carelessly. We must learn to be finished with those disposing judgement. Our journeys are not entwined and we are not born to live in tandem with everyone who cross our path.

Life is not a Route 66 and will never be one.

When it comes to any matter of my heart, we must actively take the decision to be done with being the exchange for unworthiness when we look for support.

One is free, the other is priceless.

We are not born to be a sacrificial lamb. None of us are sacrificial because we are worthy and we deserve to feel supported by those around us and to feel lifted up by their support.

We must be done with being knee deep in a pain that grows of the (already) high expectation of ourselves. We do not need another to dissect any of our decisions in life, even if they feel irrational to them.

There is infinite space between a mistake and a choice.

If we do make choices that can be portrayed as irrational, this is what brings us here to learn from our decisions. No more will our lifestyle be justified to another person because we are not born to live inside the non-linear.

We are may have been in years of self-blame, there have been times we make the choice to have pointed every finger at our hearts, in the fear of rejection but we needn’t do this anymore.

True connection often leads to attachment. In connection you can find love, and in attachment you can find there is fear. In connection there is evolution; a space in which one can gain perspective to take a journey of choice which they can blossom into.

Deciphering between connection and attachment and clenching on to the confusion between both, maybe then we will find joy.

One can spend years disconnected from their true needs, disconnected from the pain found in suffering, and remaining deep in thought of acknowledging how to process experiences to transmute them into a healed scar.

We move forward by taking the action to do so.

How are we actively choosing to break away from this energy?