Are Our Introvert Ways Holding Us Back?

How do we make a toast to the scars from our past to forge way toward a life as an introvert toward life as an extrovert?

Some of us can feel very happy as an introvert, but could this be the reason we are not expressing ourselves to those we are wanting to form deeper connections with?

I think this is part of the problem that could be making us feel more disconnected. For example, if we are only connecting to negative thoughts that circulate in our minds, we often ask ourselves why we are not developing deeper relationships with others. This could simply be down to the not moving out of the fearful thinking that we are used to. We can often become so familiar with our negative thought patterns, due to the fact we are not leaving them. This could be the very reason that is leading us into having a lot of stagnant energy in the homes we live in, where we are spending most of our time. If we are finding that some days we are swayed between one hundred percent introvert to one hundred percent extrovert, this is something we must learn to curate ourselves as we move ourselves into a state of happiness and balance. We often do not think about the way that our self- talk effects us, but maybe no is our chance.

Being an introvert often has a bad reputation, especially when we surround ourselves with others who are not.

What happens when we are always alone?

We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with. As this is the case, we are picking up social behavioral patters from them as that is what is familiar to us. When we are spending so much time alone, what chance does this leave us to thrive in the direction we so please?

When we spend time alone, we can often ruminate over our past, over think and get into a space of analysis paralysis. This is what is leaving us feeling that life is stagnant. Life is not stagnant, but perhaps we can be. It can make us feel that we are often left alone to always process a past pain that we have not processed yet, simply due to rumination of the story behind it.

To what extent are we over analyzing?

Firstly, we need to accept our scars for what they are; past hurts that will not change. Knowing that our past will never change as we move through years, months or weeks living in regret from what happened in the situation that we are wishing to heal from. This has the ability to help us to make our own movement. Making ripples in our lives is a brave action, and it is a step by step process to living in balance and keeping us in check to see how introverted we truly are. I think the best way to move past this is to create our own joy. Introspection is important and it is useful to spend the time to do this on our own, but we can use other ways to utilize the most out of life.

What are we actively doing in our lives that brings us closer to a space of joy we are wanting to reach?

As we contract ourselves, we create this barrier where we become intimidated with any form of expressive engagement with others. This is not what would be called balance. If we take the steps to engage in social behavior rather than run from it, we can become more confident in the expression towards others. Spending too much time alone can lead to states of anxiety, a state that we are outside of our body and not grounded into the reality that we are in.
What is a healthy balance to look into our past?

Only we can decipher the velocity of which our healing propels at, but we need to set limits on the the circulation of the thoughts that we have that create obstacles. Instead of asking ourselves why no one is connecting with us, perhaps we can discover new ways in how to connect with others?