Step 1

Press the pencil button and then write your question

Step 2

Choose between sending a public or private question

Step 3

Select your payment method, and send your question

2 types of questions:

Public Question:

  • You will be chosen by an online advisor who will answer your question
  • Your question and answer will be displayed anonymously on the timeline.
  • Cheaper than sending a private question to your advisor
  • Typically quicker than private questions

Private Question:

  • Choose a specialist advisor who best fits your needs
  • You will build a relationship with your advisor, who will always be there for you.
  • Your questions, and answers will be entirely private, and only viewable by you
  • Pick up where you left of, and view your conversation history with your advisor

Payment methods:

App store

  • Pay comfortably through your iTunes or Google Play account.


  • For seamless payment, you can now use PayPal

Areas of expertise: