Ascended Masters Reading: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

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Hello Fortunica Family!


I hope this first week was a blessed one. This week the message is from another Ascended Master


MEDITATE –  Siddhartha Gautama Buddha


This is a call for you to meditate regularly. Your path, body, and soul ask for quiet time to reflect, think and receive insights. Even a small amount of time devoted to daily meditation will bring you great gifts. You don’t necessarily need any formal training in meditation. It’s simply a matter of sitting quietly, closing your eyes, breathing, and listening. Be still and listen. You need some alone time and be honest with yourself. If you need to, join a meditation group or a class. Otherwise, you can simply listen to a guided meditation. Gautama Buddha meditated beneath the Bodhi tree and discovered the path to enlightenment. Call upon him to help you develop your meditation practice, to practice moderation, and to overcome any form of suffering.


Wish you a calm and relaxing week ahead!