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Every meeting has its meaning, but how do you know if your crush feels the same way? You know what your heart says. What about them?

Get clarity about your crush, your love situation, and the near future.

A Love Crush Reading illuminates:

  • Your current situation
  • What crush thinks and feels about you
  • The reason you met each other
  • How can you win their heart
  • What a relationship with them would be like

The benefits of a Love Crush Reading:

No more brooding - get certainty about the future and enjoy the here and now. Don’t waste your time daydreaming - find out if you have the potential to be together. Compatibility predictions - are they worth waiting or is there a better match out there?

How it works

Send the selected advisor details like the names and birth dates of you and your crush, a description of the situation you're in, and the question you're wondering most.

The advisor will create a personal analysis using the best esoteric method for you, illuminating your future.