Native Spirit Oracle Card Reading – October 30, 2021

Hello Fortunica Family!

I hope the last few weeks have been blessed and healing ones for you. As we come to the last and final week of this month, I hope and pray that you are feeling your best. This month we have received very beautiful messages from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards and this week we have another beautiful message.


Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, the message from this card will clear all your doubts. This card asks you to have faith and know that you are divinely guided, even when you have doubts. Trust and Believe that you are exactly where you need to be. You have planted the seeds of your thoughts, now allow the Creator to do the rest. Even if you cannot see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward. If you have any recurring challenges, turn them over to the Creator – “Not My Will, but Thy Will Be Done”

Your Native Spirit wants you to know – Many Native Cultures refer to the Creator as the Great Mystery. It is the idea that the Great Spirit is so vast and profound, that in many ways it is unknowable. Faith is the foundation of the ability to manifest. Everything was created because someone believed that it was possible. Patience is absolutely crucial in the application of this principle. And of course Trust in self and the Creator. Change can happen in a heartbeat but some things do require time. Your thoughts plant the seeds, now you need to give them time to grow. Be patient and know that it WILL happen. Whatever receives your care and attention will flourish. This is why I request you all to keep your thoughts positive, because if you think in doubt and negativity, that is what you are giving your attention and energy to flourish, and the result will be exactly what you do not want. In essence this card is a sign that your seeds are taking toot and will manifest your reality in the future. The more you believe in your dreams, the sooner they will manifest because that’s what the energy you are providing it with.

Exercise – This week, take some time out of your day, sit in a peaceful place, take deep cleansing breaths, once you are calm, write down what you want to achieve in the next month. Keep your goals realistic, this means that you should set a goal achievable in the month’s time. Write the goal in the present tense. As if you have already achieved it – for example – “I HAVE RELEASED 5 kg WEIGHT”. This will trigger your mind to see it as achieved. Believe in this goal. Stick this piece of paper on your desk, or someplace where you can see it often in the day. Work towards this goal in a positive mindset. You have planted the seed, now work towards it and allow the Universe / Creator to help you reach this. Do not allow doubt, fear, negative thoughts, like how, why, when, etc. to clutter your mind. You will see the pathways opening up to help you.


Wish you a week full of Unconditional Love!