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Private question
Completely confidential. You choose an advisor with whom to have a private conversation, and your question/ answer will not be displayed on the public timeline. You can check out the advisor’s profile, and choose the one with the method and style that fit your needs.

Public question
Cheaper & faster! They are shown (anonymously) on the public timeline as soon as an advisor answers your question. Public questions go to a pool that allows any available advisor to select your question and perform a reading. In general, they are answered faster than private questions. You can always ask the advisor a private question to dig deeper into the reading and get more out of it. You should specify your preferred esoteric method so only an advisor with this particular knowledge will answer your question.

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Card Reading
Tarot is considered “the mirror of the soul” as by laying the cards for you, an expert can have insights on your character, fears and traumas. There are different types of tarot decks to get a roadmap of life as the past, present and future. In this session, you will choose the expert you prefer to see your complete tarot deck and understand how the analysis is done. Depending on the expert, you will get a tarot reading with a specific type of cards. This technique requires a lot of study and energy alignment from the expert and in this session, you can have the best experts guiding you to understand yourself.

Good for
– Discovering your future
– Discovering your future
– Getting a full comprehensive answer to your questions
– Seeing what your subconscious says
– Guiding you through your concerns

How it works
You will send your information and raise your questions to the chosen advisor. The advisor will do a personalized tarot reading where all the matters about your past, present and future will be showed in the cards.


Astrology is a science practiced since ancient times that reads the power celestial bodies have in our lives. The movement of the moon, planets and stars during your birth and today, influence your feelings and attitude. Understanding the transit of the universe is a powerful tool for self-discovery. An expert can guide you with purpose, exploiting your chances. For example, see the position of Venus towards your sign shows how love is for you.

Good for
– Knowing how the heavenly bodies influence your life
– Determining what the future holds for you
– Understanding the energies of the cosmos
– Knowing in depth your relationships
– Guiding you on overcoming your main issues

How it works
You will provide your full name, date and time of birth to your chosen advisor to have a complete, proper and reliable reading. Your data will be correlated with the stars, moon and planets to comprehend how astrology is influencing your life since the moment you were born until now and how your future will develop. You will receive an astrology chart and a full reading that will enlighten your self-awareness. You will then have a follow up question to comment and clarify your doubts regarding the reading received.

Palm Reading
Palm reading is a very popular Asian old practice that reveals the past, present and future of a person through the understanding of their lines, shape and size of the hand and fingers. If you are searching for answers and looking for your inner guidance to help yourself, this traditional technique is going to guide you to connect with yourself and comprehend your path.

Good for
– Discovering your future with the old Asian wisdom
– Answering your questions about life
– Knowing your upcoming difficulties
– Helping you on your self-discovery journey

How it works
You will send pictures of the hands, yours or from a friend, insert your personal details and choose an advisor. The length and the lines of your fingers talk about your character, strengths and fears. In the wrist of your hand you have three main lines that show your health and wealth during the three periods of your life: youth, middle age and old age. After everything is sent, the advisor will work on your information and provide you a full reading.


Ritual Session
A ritual is an act done by an empowered experienced person to bring positive changes and to attract love, money or luck to your life and clean energies. It has been practiced since many centuries ago and in the most diverse cultures. Rituals are means by which you can produce a series of consequences in the life of a person, being you or a friend. Thanks to them, you can influence a current situation you dislike or what is destined for you.

Good for
– Attracting love to your life
– Attracting money and abundance
– Cleaning bad energies that surround you
– Protecting you from dark energies

How it works
You will explain what you desire to achieve with the ritual selected and for whom it will done. You will also send the full name, date and location of birth of the ones blessed. Your expert will prepare a personalised ritual and you will receive a series of instructions about what you must do. You will have a follow up question to solve your doubts regarding this step. After this, the ritual will be completed by the advisor and you will be attracting to your life good energies and good luck in the field you asked for. You will have one last question available to discuss about it with your advisor.