Archangel Oracle Card Reading – November 7, 2021

Dear Fortunica Family

November is here and as we welcome this much awaited season of joy and coolness, the Archangels have made their presence felt. This week we have a beautiful message from the Archangel Oracle Cards Deck.


“Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs”

Archangel Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God” and she represents and reflects these qualities of Bravery, Courage, Focus and Elegant Movements. If you notice images of lions or lionesses, this is a signal that Archangel Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage.

This card brings the message that in your current situation or problem, you need to act upon your convictions even if others disagree. Archangel Ariel is here to protect you from harm and is guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you are a role model for others who are fearful. This is an important form of spiritual teaching in which your example gives others the courage to stand up for their principles too. So stay true to yourself and your beliefs. You will find that when you stand up for yourself, you will feel mentally free and strong as well. Learn by watching your children. They are naturally and spiritually courageous, until they are conditioned to fear. They will stand up for what they believe in till they are squashed by adult fears, sometimes even not then, they continue to have that faith. Life and people condition you to fear, but keep the faith within you strong. Ask for help when you feel your courage is shaken up, Archangel Ariel will help. She is also a protector of animals. So call upon her to help with your pets. If your pet is having difficulties, with her help you will see them calming down and beginning to respond. Archangel Ariel is also believed to bring abundance into your life. So if you’re having worries about money, call upon her to help you with your worries.

Wish you a Courageous Week ahead!