The spiritual app connecting you with selected psychics, in the span of a coffee break

Do you want to find out from a psychic medium if you have already met your twin soul? Or maybe you would prefer to receive a birth chart compatibility between the two of you instead? Whether you wish to try a protective spell to better your romantic relationship, get life advice regarding your next career move, communicate with the spirit world or have a qualified expert perform a tarot reading for you, fortunica is the spiritual app for you. On fortunica you can read your free daily horoscope, free monthly horoscope, and spiritual quote of the day. You will also find experts qualified in energy cleaning, crystal healing, chakra cleansing, and traditional healing. Fortune tellers on fortunica may also perform cartomancy, palmistry, love spells, and shamanism.

Enjoy a moment for yourself with the new sessions

The ancient traditions of Card Reading and Palm Reading, tailored Rituals to attract your desires and your full Astrology birth chart are waiting for you. In a rush? Let the fate lead you! Ask to an advisor on the public timeline or chat confidentially with your favourite psychic.
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Connect to the higher realms – in four languages!

Dozens of methods and advisors in your pocket: scroll, choose, ask. Whilst you wait, you can read your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope for free and tickle your curiosity with astro fun facts.