Jessica Schweinsberg

” I will tell you exactly when your dreams and your wishes will come true. I will guide you into your happiness”

My star sign: Taurus/Pisces

My skills and gifts: I am clairvoyant and I work with Lenormand Cards as well as with the Pendulum. I am also Astrologer and I can give you  astrological advice.

My Services: I am Astrologer and I work with Clairvoyance and I read the cards. So I can tell you exactly what you can expect when, where and however in your life. I can do this for all topics in life like love and partnership, profession and finance as well as matters in your family.

My working experience: I am a trained nurse and clairvoyant since my childhood. For 12 years I have been working as a spiritual life advisor and 3 years ago I started to work on fortunica.

About me: I was born into a high spiritual family, which was engaged with medial and healing items for a very long time. I was trained from my ancestors (a couple of them were shamans) and I am trained in clairvoyance, card reading and in the work of the shamans. When the las shamans in my family died I took over their profession and I am working  in professional spiritual life advising since I was 22 years old. I also give astrological advice; I read cards and work with contacts to the angles. Shamanism is supporting me in my predictions. That way it is possible to give an exact time specification, accurate descriptions of people and information about the special situation.

My Hobbies: I like to go out with my dogs, I like reading and meeting friends or going to the cinema.

What people say about me: “Everything happened that Jessica predicted. Thanks! Miraculous!

A true story: I helped a young woman who had made a lot of bad experience in her life to get new courage and to open for a new life and to live it. Today she is happy married and a mother of 2 children.

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Aadya (Isha)

” I work with the spirits guides and my cards to provide a detailed reading for your future possibilities.”

I am located in India 🇮🇳 Sometimes my answers may take a bit longer as i am from different time zone(IST), please trust me I do all I can to get back to you as soon as possible.

My style: Inspiring ☀️

My star sign: Aries ♈

My services: I am a psychic tarot card reader,  I work with my guides, I even use cosmic aura and numerology to help people develop their relations better and to predict the future possibilities. I guide people to a better life with happy moments and positive energy.

My Services: 1)Reiki Healing ( 2 messages), 2)Pet reading dead/alive (1 messages), 3)Karma reading (2 messages), 4) Aura reading  (2 messages), 5) Detailed card reading (special based products), 6) palm reading (special based products), 7) Life purpose ( 1 message ), 8) Luck & Success ( 2 messages ), 9) Love & Relationship ( 2 message ), 10) Career & Work ( 2 message ), 11) Natal chart (session based products)

If you send me your picture + date of birth + place of birth + your question I can provide you with an accurate reading.

My skills & gifts: Tarot cards, Cosmic energy, Numerology, Clairvoyant(Remote-viewer), Crystal ball predictions 🔮, Reiki healing master and spirit guides, Dream interpretation, Chakra balancing, Karma expert and medium, Astrology, Rituals

My working experience: 10 years Psychic, astrologer, 6 years Numerologist, 6 years Reiki healing, 5 years as Ghost buster, 5 years Relationship Councillor, 4 years Spiritual workshop organiser, Psychic from birth

My motto: “Helping is the best inspiration”

About me: My life is full of happy moments, so i inspire people to live a beautiful and happy life by helping others and putting a smile on their face. I am a relationship expert who with the help of my guides help people to improve their energy levels in positive direction and guide them towards a better life. I believe in loving 💟 every soul, because every soul deserves to be loved. I never used my skills for commercial purpose till date, all people i helped throughout my life were family members, friends, friends of friends and their relatives. Everybody loves me and have faith in my guidance.

True story: I have helped many to get back their partner with love and more energy connection. Once i saved a relationship from a dramatic ending just because they had some misunderstanding regarding each other and now they both are happily married and living abroad. 👰

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Aaberiela Aura Healer

“Neuroscience student of Harvard university. One of the most understandable readers of mind and soul”

I am student of neuroscience from Harvard university and to know about life is my passion and I can easily connect with spirits and cosmic energy. Another tip is that I give a non robotic readings without any pattern so English can be wrong just because guides wants you to unlock the deep meaning but paying extra attention. Accept it as it is.🎈🌷⚘🌷 My reading can bring Heath to your hope.😉 There is a need to absorb things🐢 with belief in your own life.  🦋I will plainly present you the solution to internal reform. If you use the solution, love will mount, love will spring.🍒 Mostly we keep on asking about our love life 😔and if there is still any pending issue in your life, this means there is no solution you have received.😲 Just I am very much improved ✍and expertized in Knowing about relations and I can help to prepare the ground where love blooms.

Aaberiela Means open, secure, protected.💪💪

Please one topic per one question but can ask similar question only as I am unable to give multiple answer. Example one topic = love example question is when, what, any tips. Thanks attach a picture ☀️ correct. Unhelpful is when I will meet ex, what about new love. Also tell me about career. What i can expect in current professional life. Will I get a job soon. How boss will treat me.  🚫 please I am not comfortable as my work here I based on love as I enjoy helping client’s but we have less space to write and it is better to ask things separately.

My Style: Productive.🎆Loveable.🎈 Caring.🏅

My Start Sign: Taurus ♉

My Services: I am specialized in telepathy 🏆

Redikall Healing. Symphony of Possibilities. iMRS PEMF Therapy. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Acupressure technique based on energy meridians. Crystal healing. Past Life Regression. Bach Flower Remedies and aura reading Expert.


Have a good day all of you.

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” I am a psychic intuitive reader that specialises in love and relationships”

I am located in Pakistan, 🇵🇰!

My Style: Empathetic and Straightforward.

My Star Sign: Libra 

My Skills and Gifts: Love and Relationship- Career related dilemmas- Breakup and relationship turmoil- Cheating and affairs- Family- Friendships- Relief from negative mindsets- counseling- Tarot- Angel card reading.

My work Experience: I started at the age of 15 and have been using my ability to get accurate readings for my clients on different physic platforms along with face to face readings for private clients. My family heritage is such that I come from a long line of spiritualists who have helped numerous people with dilemmas that they were not able to handle themselves.  My ability to empathize with people allows me to gain a connection with my clients and on their situations which is helpful in accurate and heartfelt readings.

My Services: I am a Psychic intuitive reader, specializing in love and relationships. I pick up on energies and the current state of mind of a person during a reading. My logic is sound and is supplemented by my ability to understand and feel energies that makes my readings accurate and overall helps the clients get clarity and follow a positive and beneficial path in life.

My Motto: Before you can truly love someone else you need to love yourself.

About me: I am a heartfelt person with a good sense of humor. I enjoy talking to people and understanding their situations and helping them in whichever situation they may be in. It is positively uplifting for me when I am able to bring happiness, hope or positivist into someones life.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, eating, yoga, connecting with nature.

What People say: I have been told that I am a very good listener and easy to talk to. People have a tendency to open up to me as I am warm and welcoming.

True Story: One of my clients was suspecting his wife of cheating on him but at the same time he was avoiding any form of communication with her because of his ego. There was a huge communication gap between them and their marriage was falling apart. I told him that she was loyal to him and was only behaving in a certain manner because of certain misunderstandings between them. My reading helped him open up to his wife and now they are happily married and very much together.

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“I am blessed with the gift to communicate with angels, allowing me to tune in with your energy”

Hi my names Lianne and i have a passion for helping people.I have a wonderful connection to angels which guides me in all aspects of life.I Can help you with all your questions and problems in life,no matter how big or small…let me help you live the life you meant to live. Always remember we are in charge of our destiny and with guidance we can change any area of our lives for the better….let me help you to connect to the angels.

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