Magical Unicorn Oracle Reading – Simplicity

Hello Fortunica Family!

I hope the previous week was blessed for all. This week we have another beautiful message from our Magical Unicorns Oracle –


Put your energy into the basics and let go of the excess.

This card asks you to pull back from all those complex thoughts creating all the chaos in your mind and focus on the facts and what you know for sure. IT asks you to take a step back from all the imagined scenarios, the “what ifs” that are going around your mind and center yourself. Come down to the facts of the situation you are facing. Ask yourself – “What do I want?” “What do you know that you don’t want?” These are basic questions that will help you center yourself and will help you answer the bigger questions later.

This card also asks you to declutter your space and your environment. This means, release all that is not required from your mind, clean your room, clean your desk, release all that is not being used in your room and let go. IT will free up your energies and help you become more productive. When you clean your space around, your mind will also feel clearer and more focused. You will see a boost in your energy too. Don’t try too hard, let go with ease. Don’t hold on too strongly, open up and let go. Get down to the basics and the solution will appear effortlessly.

Exercise: Clean your room, discard the junk you have collected in your closet, or in your desk. Clean your phone, delete the messages that are negative or that make you feel low. Donate old clothes, shoes, etc. You will see a big release in your energies too. Keep us posted about your experiences.

Have a Simply Blessed Week ahead!