Magical Unicorn Oracle Reading – Thankful

Hello Fortunica Family!

Welcome to the last month of this dynamic year 2021. This month we are being given a very relatable message from our magical companions the Unicorns! It is so relatable!


Think about the people and things you feel grateful for.

As this year is coming to an end, it’s time to say thank you. Gratitude warms your heart with good feelings that are healthy for your mind and your body. Make a list of people and things that you are thankful for. Doing this will raise your vibrations as gratitude replaces sadness and makes things better. Gratitude is such a powerful way to make your life Magical! Don’t you feel happy when someone says thank you? Imagine this happiness multiplying ten fold when it is shared. So saying a simple Thank You, even mentally, can create so much Magic!

As you are in this last month, take some time to give gratitude to everything that has happened, everything you received, every person you connected with this year. Do not judge them as good or bad, just say thank you. Because each experience, each receivable, each person, gave you a lesson. If you look at this objectively, you will realize that each experience added value and made you evolve. So give thanks for that. Gratitude will help you raise vibrationally and attract better in your life. Try it this week.

Exercise: Each night, before you sleep, just place your palm on your chest, close your eyes, breathe deeply and say thank you. It does not matter how that day was, just say thank you for another day in your life full of lessons and growth. You will see a positive energy shift in you thus creating better experiences for you. Share your experiences with us.

Wish you a Gratitude filled Week!