Magical Unicorn Oracle Reading – Try Something New

Hello Fortunica Family!

As we are entering a new week of this celebratory month, I guess we are all preparing for the holidays and I wish you a happy time preparing. The Magical Unicorns have another beautiful message for us.


You’ll only know that you can do something if you try!

In order to feel excited and motivated you are being guided to try something new. This card asks you to think about something you have always wanted to do and then learn about it. Ask your family and friends to join you on this new adventure. IT means getting out of your comfort zone and doing something. When you start doing it, you may feel a bit skeptical, but do it and see how your experience changes you. Enjoy yourself. By doing this you are opening up your channels of receiving and expanding your comfort zone too. IT will happen even without you realizing it. The more you relax your mind and open up to the new experience, the more you will have fun and you will see that you will get new ideas flowing through you. If you are facing a block of any kind, you will find creative solutions and release this block. So sign up for a new class like a hobby class, a new language, cooking, drama, art, photography, etc. If you have been sitting on a wish list, now is the time to work on it. Stretch yourself beyond what you think you can do. You may find you really enjoy the new activity and you will build new connections. Never know, when one of these new connections could help you find a solution to your blocks. It will also improve your skill set. So TRY SOMETHING NEW! Keep us posted about your experiences.

Wish you a Renewed Week ahead!