What to ask?

How can I write my question in the best way possible to receive a powerful answer? Have a look at some examples and find your inspiration.

“Does he love me?”

“Hello my name is Steph Cart (20/05/1985, born in New Delhi). My boyfriend Dimeti Sarti (18/8/1980) talks a lot about this new colleague (Helen Delpi). Is it possible that they are having an affair? Recently he has detached from me and often came back home late from the office. Can you do a tarot reading about us and give me some advice?”

“I am feeling stuck in my career..”

“Hello, my full Name is Maria Toros I was born on 15/8/1979, in London. I work as a marketing manager in a big company in London but am feeling stuck in my career. What is the best way to escape this rut?”

“Are we going to be together?”

“Hey 🙂 I’m J.T.G. (11/08/1987, born in Dallas) and I was wondering if L.M. (09/10/1985, born in Salt Lake City) is thinking about me lately. We had something in the past and now we’re getting close again. I would like to know what the stars and your spiritual guides see for us, should I follow my instincts and invest in this thing we have. Thanks a lot!”

Small tips for an excellent question:

1. Full Name

Write your full name or your initials e.g Maria Toros or M.T. Keep in your mind that it is nice to provide your advisors with the name of the person you are interested in..

2. Date of Birth

In addition to providing your name, by sending your D.O.B (Date of Birth) to your advisor they will be able to perform your readings in a lot more depth.

3. Write a great question

Now it’s time for you to write about your situation, and ask your question. Also, if you would like your advisor to use a specific method you should let them know.

Need more inspiration?

Still not sure about what to ask? After talking with our advisors, we found out that they helped people most with love and relationships, careers, dreams, and wellness. Why not have a look at some of the examples below of the types of questions that our advisors have helped others like you with? By using the advice above, and really thinking about the question that you want to ask your advisor, you will be able to see the improvement in your life that you deserve.

Love and Relationships
– When will I meet my soulmate?

– Do I have a secret admirer?
– He promised to text, but still didn’t. Is he interested or did he just forget?
– Is it just a one night stand, or will we be together forever?
– My husband keeps on working late, I think he is seeing someone else, what do you see?
– Are my wife and I truly compatible?

Career and Education
– I have tried several times to start my own business but have always failed. Should I keep trying?
– I am having a problem at work with my boss. Do you see that things will improve or should I quit?
– I don’t think my colleagues like me, do they, and what should I do?
– I got an offer for another job, is now the right time to take it?
– Should I continue to go to university, or should I start looking for a job?
– What career should I choose, my family want me to be a doctor, but should I follow my passions?

Spirituality and Dreams
– What is my purpose in life?
– Do I have a spiritual gift, if so, what would it be?
– What does the universe want me to know now?
– I have a repeating dream that I’m running, but I’m getting nowhere, what’s the meaning?
– I feel like I’m missing something, what would it be?
– Is there anything I’m doing now that will hurt my future?

Wellness and Destiny
– What necklace should I wear that will make me feel confident?
– What do I need to do to start to be happier?
– I’ve been feeling bad luck these last few weeks, what’s going on?
– What is influencing my life negatively?
– Why do I always face the same problems?
– What should I do to improve my stress level?

What NOT to ask

Esoteric advisors on fortunica are always happy, and ready to help you with your major life decisions. To make sure, however, that everybody has a safe and enjoyable time when using fortunica, you are not allowed to ask an advisor about the categories below. Please be aware that if you do ask an advisor about these topics they will not be able to answer, and will instead provide you with a general reading.

x Medical
– Pregnacy
– Diseases/ health
– Death

x Financial:
– Lottery
– Insurance
– Legal regulations

x Misc
– Court cases
– Black magic
– Curses