• When will I meet the true love of my life?
  • Is there anyone loving me secretly or interested in me right now?
  • With who I am love compatible?
  • How does my love life look for this year?


  • Is it a good idea to accept a new job offer now?
  • I have an important interview soon. How can I success?
  • Should I take this decision…?
  • I have received several job offers. Which one should I choose?


  • Does my future hold anything big?
  • What do the stars say about my destiny?
  • What does the near future hold for me?
  • What are my spirituality gifts?


  • What is my pet thinking?
  • What is my totem animal and what does it mean?
  • What pet would best suit my lifestyle and personality?
  • Is my pet happy, is he/she missing anything?

How to ask:

Ask only ONE Question per message and include: method of preference, period of time and by mentioning other persons add:

  • His DOB
  • Gender
  • Relation


Hello, my sister (Aquarius, 31 years old) has been working as an internal M.D. However, she is considering switching to work as an emergency doctor.

Is this month a good one to go for such a change? The person in charge in that hospital is a man called Robert (Gemini). Will he make this change easier or more difficult?

What NOT to ask!

Medical Issues:

  • Pregnancy
  • Illness re-emission
  • Death dates

Financial Issues:

  • Winning the lottery
  • Insurance related things
  • Regulations


  • Court cases
  • Exact names and dates
  • Black magic

Readers in fortunica are always ready to help and they are happy to advise you in major aspects of your life. However, you should keep in mind that there are some questions that the Readers are sadly not able to provide feedback on, as their reading and guidance are intended for spiritual purposes only.
We recommend not to ask the Readers any questions related to medical issues, such as the potential pregnancy, cancer re-emission or the necessary treatment, because they cannot provide any diagnosis nor the exact prognosis you expect.It means that reading provided by the Readers cannot replace a medical consultation, financial advice or a legal advice.

We also recommend not to ask fortunica Readers for the date of death or the years you have left because they cannot provide any advice on it. Note that tarot reading aims at bringing changes to your life if you follow the advice you are given. Insulting or threatening Readers could incur in banning.